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The laminate flooring produced in our factory supports customization. Among the best-selling laminate floors are:
1.  HDF as a base material can provide higher stability and durability;
2.  MDF may be beneficial to cost control and suitable for applications that do not require high durability;
3. AC1 and AC2 products are suitable for residential use and are a good choice for areas with limited budget or less traffic;
4. AC3 wear-resistant grade is also applicable to most households and is beginning to be suitable for light commercial locations;
5. AC4 and AC5 are ideal wear-resistant solutions for commercial spaces that are subject to heavy foot traffic.
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As a flooring manufacturing company located in China, we have our own production and R&D departments dedicated to continuously innovating and improving our laminate flooring product line. Our flooring factories are internationally recognized for their exquisite craftsmanship, durable product quality and constant pursuit of innovative design. In addition to high-standard flooring production strength, our sales team also has deep foreign trade experience and regularly participates in various international exhibitions, which allows us to gain insight into the latest trends in the global market while providing the best service and support for the international market. customer. We hope to establish strong and long-term business relationships with partners around the world and jointly expand the global market.

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